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Refresh Your Maplewood Home with Professional Carpet Cleaning

The Lenape tribe of Native Algonquian Americans were the first to establish trails through Maplewood. By the 1800s, Maplewood was a thriving community of farms and orchards that was famous for its apple harvests. The town’s original name was Jefferson Village. In 1825, a local businessman named John Shedden built a railroad station there that he christened Maplewood. At Griffith Carpet Cleaning, we enjoy helping you keep your Maplewood home clean and bright.

Make Your Maplewood Home Shine with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is the fastest way to transform your home. Ridding your home of dust, dirt and grime will make it look fresh, smell fresh and feel wonderful. The best way to deep-clean is to remove the stains, dirt and grease and allergens out of your carpet and upholstery.

Professional carpet cleaning kills dust mites that thrive on carpet and furniture fibers. Dust mites have been linked to several allergic responses, and professional cleaning methods are the only way to fully rid your home of them.

Refresh and Renew Your Whole House

Fresh, clean carpets are a pleasure to walk on. They’re also healthy for your family. You can remove harmful germs, microbes and allergens when you use a professional cleaning system that digs deep into your carpet. We do this thoroughly but gently to leave carpets as soft and bright as new.

Carpet can harbor every bad smell that wafts through your house. Smoke, cooking grease, mud, household chemicals and can all linger in your carpet, making it smell stale. Vacuuming can help, but only professional cleaning can remove deep-set smells and stains. If your carpet has suffered from pet accidents, you probably already know that products for home use don’t work. Griffith Carpet Cleaning can get those messes out of your carpet. After a professional cleaning, your whole house will look and smell great.

Call the Best Carpet Cleaners in Maplewood

You don’t need a special occasion to give your house a deep, refreshing clean. Your family deserves to live in a home that’s healthy, clean and safe. With regular cleaning, you can catch spills and smells before they settle in for the long haul. If you live in Maplewood and you want to make your whole house shine, call Griffith Carpet Cleaning at 973-831-6103 or 201-261-8090.

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