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Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park, New Jersey used to be known as Dundee Lake before 1916. After many changes over the years, the area was renamed Elmwood Park in November of 1972. What many people don’t know about the town is that many retailers are actually closed on Sundays, due to the “blue laws” of the area. However, it is a great place to settle down in, as many residents have found. When you need your carpets cleaned in Elmwood Park, trust the professionals at Griffith Carpet Cleaning to take care of them.

A Clean Carpet in Elmwood Park

Having a clean home is one of the best feelings in the world. It will be even better when you have a company come out to take care of your carpets. At Griffith Carpet Cleaning, we know how to provide the best services for your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. If you have been dealing with pet stains or lingering odors, let us help. No matter what the problem, we have the solution.

A Clean Carpet- A Cleaner Family

Sure, clean carpets make your home look fresh and new. However, did you know that there are actual health benefits to having your carpets professionally cleaned? Carpets and rugs can quickly collect dust mites and other allergens that can irritate your family. By having our company come to regularly deep clean your home, you are actually creating a better living environment for you, your family, and your pets.

We’ll Take Care of All Stubborn Stains

Taking pride in your home is something we know is important. But it isn’t always easy to keep your carpets and rugs looking their best. That is why we can help. We have the equipment and the experience to quickly vanquish the stains and odors in your home. We know just what to do to get your rugs and carpets looking their very best. Give us a call at 201-261-8090 or 973-831-6103. Our technicians are ready to help make your Elmwood Park home clean and beautiful!

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