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When you have a home, accidents happen. Spills, stains and unpleasant pet odors go with the territory. You may be searching for a professional carpet cleaner in Englewood, and if so, you should look no further than Griffith Carpet Cleaners. We have been around since 1999, which means that we have helped customers for over 20 years to keep their carpets looking like new, and we’re offering our services to those in Englewood.

Stop Negotiating with Pet Odor: Get Rid of It!

We have advanced solutions that help us to eliminate pet odor quickly and easily. Even the most stubborn cat and dog smell in the home can be eliminated when you hire the right professional. You may feel like you have no choice but to deal with it because you have a beloved furry friend and you don’t want to get rid of him. However, you have plenty of actions that you can take. At the same time, you will have greater confidence when you invite guests over for a dinner party. You don’t have to feel like the odor in the home will be the centerpiece of their attention. Instead, you can bring it to that great piece of artwork that you have in the home.

Do a thorough Cleaning

Cleaning the home thoroughly becomes one of the most important aspects to eliminating odor. However, we should emphasize that you have to do it in the right way to fully eliminate the smell of pets from your home. Griffith Carpet Cleaning understands how to do this and more. We also offer services on upholstery cleaning to leave you with as beautiful of upholstery as possible.

If you’d like to learn more, please call us at 973-831-6103 or 201-261-8090. We have a team of cleaning professionals who will snap into action immediately. We love working with customers, and we will take the necessary actions so that the work gets done as soon as possible. When you go through us, you can trust that we will be there for you from start to finish. We love working with customers and helping them to get the most from our services.

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